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Como estas = How are you? in Spanish
Soy = I am
in Spanish (Here Khun is referring to soybean products lol)

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jackson and joon, instant best friends

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can you link your theme pls!!!! :-)

HELLO i made the theme myself, and there’s no public link for it so i might…….release…………one day……….maybe……….or never


listen boy… my first love story…

September 17, 1996; happy birthday choi youngjae! for the past 8 months you’ve brought me a lot happiness with your perfect laugh and cute personality. thank you for letting us baby bird’s hear your soothing singing and thank you for showing us how charming you are. please never lose your smile and keep doing what you love for as long as possible! my precious baby boy, you deserve all the love in the world ♥

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